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White Rock Trucking is Northern California’s premier earth moving service. We provide trucking services for earth, raw materials, flatbed loads, and general-purpose trucking.


Truck and Transfer

We have a number of 10-wheel dump trucks available for you, which can be combined with our trailer services to hold as many tons of dirt or rocks as you need. Our truck & transfer service combines these two into an affordable service, or you can just rent our 10-wheel dump truck.


Semi End Dump

White Rock Trucking has semi-end dump trailers for your earth-moving needs. These trailers hold 20 tons of material. They’re perfect for moving earth or rocks to your construction site. These trailers go on the end of a semi and can move limestone from Mountain Gate Quarry or dirt to and from Northern California locations.


Bottom Dump

We have various Double Bottom Dump and Semi Bottom Dump trailers available to haul aggregate material or asphalt to any construction project.

For all aggregate deliveries give us a call at 530-221-7625. For any other trucking needs call our dispatch at 530-722-8687.

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